Dimension n

01_13 ins. of the pets

gimme food,

 gimme work,

gimme television,

gimme safety,

give me a place in your society,

 give me any rank in the hierarchy,

give me the feeling, to be one of you,

sell me a lifetime warranty, too.

satisfy my body and my mind won’t complain

 – gimme money, to forget that pain.

raise me, if i accept your conditions,

praise me, if i bury my visions.

invite me to join the hive,

estimate and calculate my life.

let me work in the golden cage,

for the council of the golden age

– those freaks are scaring me

 – they hinder us in being free…

we’re pets, we’re pets,

might addicted, smelly rats

 – we’re pets, we’re pets,

let’s insurrect and free our heads…