Dimension n

01_12 jassy dub

during the last weeks,
at our favourite place,
we realized it is not
the same thing anymore.

we missed the one,
to make the crowd shout,
to get this party going
– like in the years before.

and here you are
– staring out of the window,
thinking of past adventures,
racking your brains over
being too old for that shit.

but odds and ends
like age and money
are no reason to forsake,
no excuse
for refuse
all what you’ve been fighting for.

we will rock that house,
like we always did
and show those disco bitches,
what it means to be king king of the club!

so common
and join us again
you’ve been far, far away,
for such a long time!

we’ll rock that house
for a million years again…