Dimension n

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this is dimension n

you’re leaving the sober sector. limit your expectations to the minimum, then dissolve from minimal and open your mind for a new, cruel age of rude electro!

instruction sheet for the proper use of dimension n music – an accurate circumscription of effects and fiction:

please ensure to be alone while opening the data container. lock the door in case of strong neighbour infestion, install bear traps and spring guns. put under a waterproof, scratchproof and biteproof matting to reduce personnel or property damage. read-out the data container by a capable data/acoustic converting device and turn volume up to maximum. don’t hold back! no canting humility! it could be your last one. if any resonances of your environment should occur, connect those via unsolvable methodes like glueing, brazing, riveting or welding. thereby the resonance frequency should sink in an unhearable spectrum. make use of a massive dose of antipsychotic drugs, if panic attacks appear. infrasonic os deadly in less cases. cardiac arrhythmia is not only harmless, but welcome.you’ve got a right to clench. don’t care for leaking body fluids.
to be ashamed is accusable! cancel all your dates. this one is only for you. an optimal sound result can only be achieved by the high performance bass box ‚berta droelf‘.
it consists of a corner bathtub body, an 12 hundredweight heavy duty industrial magnet and a 20 squarefeet membrane, made of finest goat leather.
attention! dimension n can bear traces of bach and peanuts, cleans hardest clichee dirt, is toxic to reproduction and can cause cheap techno allergy.